I’ve never been good at goodbyes. Everything I have left or ended was done abruptly. In some cases I regret it and in some I don’t. It’s like I burn a bridge and walk away, never to look back at it again. I don’t know why I can never properly end things in a good way. I left my school, friends, the girl(s) I loved just like that. I could never say goodbye to any of them. I wish I could get the Marty Mcfly car (kudos to you if you get this refernce) and bid them a proper farewell. But I still dont understand one thing, where’s the good in goodbye?

Here’s another unfunny joke:

“Not all goodbyes are sad, for example “Goodbye Class!”

A Stranger

Walking down unknown paths

To find a stranger who might change my view on life

Tell me everything will be okay

The people I know have done that

Didn’t help.

Maybe a stranger’s word might

May the stranger be a person, an experience, an inanimate object.

Who knows what the stranger is or who the stranger is?

-Amisha Verma (sis)

My sister sent me this. She allowed me to post this on my blog. She is an amazing writer and an even better human being. I can never thank her enough for helping me get through life.

When We See It

“We are all given a scene, combination of people, places and things that you don’t have any control over, but it is up to us to frame it in any way to get the best shot, question is what’s the best shot?”

I love this video. Amazing way to describe life. 

Trying Hard to Forget

It is so hard to forget someone who meant so much to me. I know she is gone now. As much as it hurts I just gotta accept it. The pain doesn’t go away.. I really want it to. I tried everything..going out with friends, gaming, music. They just temporarily distract me but it all comes back when I’m alone or trying to sleep. I hope that I become the person I was. The person who everyone likes to have around, a person who made people laugh. 

We’ll here’s another unfunny joke:

A talking horse walked into a bar. “Why the long face?” The bartender asked. “My wife left me” said the horse.

Let Her Go

This time I have decided to let her go (for real). I’m trying my best not to contact her anymore. You know what…sometimes it’s hard to hold on than to let go. Sorry if I post emo shit in the coming days. I would be sure to include an unfunny joke.

The unfunny Joke:

What’s Mozart doing right now?


Stay awesome peeps!!!!

Good Will Hunting

“We get to choose who we let into our weird little world”

We always have a choice. Sometimes we let the worng people enter our world. These people sometimes destroy it. But it’s okay, we can rebuild it anytime and even stronger. Shit happens, deal with it. Regret is for cats(šŸ˜šŸ˜‚) . Have an awesome day!!!


I have had a lot of crushes over the years. These infatuations were easy to BS. But recently things changed. When I joined college I made a friend. Earlier we didn’t use to talk much but 6 months ago everything changed. We started talking a lot over text, then we started talking over call (still do). I have tried to express those feelings many times but nothing happens. She says that she doesn’t have those “butterfly feelings” for me yet. She doesn’t say that she’sā€‹ never gonna fall for me but as of now she’s not in love. She says that she doesn’t want to loose me, neither do I. But things are becoming hard for me. I can’t just be friends with her. Also she says that she is asexual but I don’t believe that anyone is (maybe I’m wrong). The only problem is that I can’t force her to fall in love with me neither can I force myself to fall out off love with her. It’sā€‹ kinda hurting.

Damn that was a serious post.

Anyway here’s an unfunny joke….

Why should you never breakup with a goalie?

Because she’s a keeper.