Drawing Skills

Let me start off by saying that my drawing skills suck (This is coming from a person who’s career would be based on his drawing skills). Recently in college we got this activity where we had to draw the person sitting next to us. I knew I was doomed. 

This is what my friend drew:

This is what I drew:

Don’t worry I’m improving! โ˜บ๏ธ

Friendship Day

I woke up to a few texts from my friends wishing me “happy friendship day”. I responded to them and then went off to sleep again. When I woke up again I decided to meet my long time best friend. We live in the same city and we’ve been friends for like 8 years but still we meet once a month. So I dropped him a text (still waiting for the reply๐Ÿ˜‚), also tried calling him but he didn’t pick up. Tried calling up a few other friends so that I could go out with them and chill for a while. I couldn’t reach anyone. I felt a little bad because I had no friends on friendship day. So I decided…fuck em I’ll go out alone. I went to a bookstore, bought a book ‘Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon’ and then went to a nearby Starbucks. It was actually an amazing experience. I ordered my favorite drink ‘Java Chip frappuccino’ and sat there reading that amazing novel. After that I bought my favorite chicken roll and went home. To be honest I didn’t even feel lonely while I was there by myself. It’s true that we all need friends but depending on them is not a good thing. There actually is an “end” in friENDship but there is no end in java chip frappuccino. So choose wisely peeps. 

Also checkout this message from starbucks that I received this morning. 


Everyday I have to wake up at 7 to get ready for college. I don’t like getting up early but somehow I’m getting better at it. While having breakfast I always watch Impractical Jokers. That show always cracks me up. So after having the breakfast I drive to the college which is a total shit-show. A lot of honking cars showing their love for each other. After reaching the college I go the washroom to see myself in the mirror and convince myself not to punch anyone today. Classes start around 9 and finish around 5. We get long breaks between classes (sometimes 3 hours long) which is dumb. I meet and hangout with a lot of people. I also see the girl that I want to talk to but haven’t gathered the guts to. I also see the girl whom I was so close to but now we don’t even greet each other. It’s kinda sad but I’ve moved on. Somedays college is fun, somedays I just don’t wanna be there. In a nutshell it’s a wholesome experience. 

The Smiley Ball

I recently bought this smiley ball which is also known as an anti-stress ball. This thing taught me a nice life lesson. No matter how much I threw it on the walls, how much I pressed it, how many times it went under the bed (its pretty dark there). The smile never went off that thing. I’m trying to be like this ball. You should too!

Pic Credits: Me

I still can’t believe I took this photo (and added a filter to it).


My mom dad always say “You’ll become someone great someday”. I really want to live up to their expectations. But to be honest I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. As of now I’m aimless, ambitionless, odourless and this post is senseless. Basically I’m on a journey that has no destination, driven by hope that I’ll find a place that I will like and will stay there. But I’m not lost (I guess) I just….am on my way.

P.S. Don’t use apple maps. You’ll definitely get lost.

My Favorite Playlist

My ‘All time Classics’ :

  1. Imagine Dragons- It comes back to you
  2. The Script – Superheroes
  3. George Ezra- Blame it on me
  4. Coldplay – Warning Sign
  5. Owl City- Beautiful Times
  6. Kygo – Firestone
  7. Kodaline- The one
  8. Brad Paisley- Find Yourself
  9. Backstreet Boys- I want it that way
  10. The shins- Simple song
  11. The Fray- Break your plans
  12. Philips Philips – Gone gone gone
  13. Daft Punk- Instant Crush
  14. Mumford and Sons- Whispers in the dark
  15. Bad Books- Forest Whitaker
  16. The Icarus Account- Settled
  17. Kings of Leon- Waste a Moment
  18. Bastille- Icarus
  19. Mighty Oaks – Just one day
  20. Vance Joy- Georgia
  21. Fun. – Carry On
  22. Twenty One Pilots- Hometown
  23. Walking on Cars- Ship Goes Down
  24. Passenger – Let her go
  25. Luke Sital Singh- Bottled Up Tight
  26. The Lumineers- Sleep on the Floor