Everyday I have to wake up at 7 to get ready for college. I don’t like getting up early but somehow I’m getting better at it. While having breakfast I always watch Impractical Jokers. That show always cracks me up. So after having the breakfast I drive to the college which is a total shit-show. A lot of honking cars showing their love for each other. After reaching the college I go the washroom to see myself in the mirror and convince myself not to punch anyone today. Classes start around 9 and finish around 5. We get long breaks between classes (sometimes 3 hours long) which is dumb. I meet and hangout with a lot of people. I also see the girl that I want to talk to but haven’t gathered the guts to. I also see the girl whom I was so close to but now we don’t even greet each other. It’s kinda sad but I’ve moved on. Somedays college is fun, somedays I just don’t wanna be there. In a nutshell it’s a wholesome experience. 



  1. Brooklyn's Corner · August 4

    It’s the ultimate experience. Don’t give up.

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