My mom dad always say “You’ll become someone great someday”. I really want to live up to their expectations. But to be honest I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. As of now I’m aimless, ambitionless, odourless and this post is senseless. Basically I’m on a journey that has no destination, driven by hope that I’ll find a place that I will like and will stay there. But I’m not lost (I guess) I just….am on my way.

P.S. Don’t use apple maps. You’ll definitely get lost.



  1. Brooklyn's Corner · July 10

    Your not alone.

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  2. creativediva98 · July 12

    Well, even I am going through almost the same phase but the way I see it, I feel that I should just enjoy every day of my life even in its nothingness but appreciating whatever I have right now. This helps me to be optimistic. I am also trying out different things.
    I hope this helps and most importantly every teenager is going through this, you are not alone. We all want to live upto our parents expectations but we are forgetting that to do that we first need to be in a position mental space. 😊😄

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    • Aatee · July 12

      I completely agree with you! Trying to be more optimistic everyday!

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  3. creativediva98 · July 12

    *positive mental space

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