I’ve never been good at goodbyes. Everything I have left or ended was done abruptly. In some cases I regret it and in some I don’t. It’s like I burn a bridge and walk away, never to look back at it again. I don’t know why I can never properly end things in a good way. I left my school, friends, the girl(s) I loved just like that. I could never say goodbye to any of them. I wish I could get the Marty Mcfly car (kudos to you if you get this refernce) and bid them a proper farewell. But I still dont understand one thing, where’s the good in goodbye?

Here’s another unfunny joke:

“Not all goodbyes are sad, for example “Goodbye Class!”



  1. Brooklyn's Corner · July 8

    I got the joke. The car from back to the future. Just started following you.

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