Trying Hard to Forget

It is so hard to forget someone who meant so much to me. I know she is gone now. As much as it hurts I just gotta accept it. The pain doesn’t go away.. I really want it to. I tried everything..going out with friends, gaming, music. They just temporarily distract me but it all comes back when I’m alone or trying to sleep. I hope that I become the person I was. The person who everyone likes to have around, a person who made people laugh. 

We’ll here’s another unfunny joke:

A talking horse walked into a bar. “Why the long face?” The bartender asked. “My wife left me” said the horse.



  1. lovelyylibra · June 24

    Don’t force yourself to get over it. That’s the best advice I can give you. Let the sorrow and grief and sadness consume you for a bit. Give all your emotions a release and you should feel better. Hold them in and they never completely go away. That’s how it’s been in my life

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  2. Fiza tarannum · July 9

    Hey there. I feel you. I really do. He’s gone now too, his love for me has changed. I do nothing but cry all day? But hey i want you to know that deserve so much better. The pain will remain, leave it aside. I want you to be happy.

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  3. Fiza tarannum · July 9

    Also check out my page and share your thoughts.

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  4. Fiza tarannum · July 9

    And if you wanna talk about it, I’m here for you.

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