I have had a lot of crushes over the years. These infatuations were easy to BS. But recently things changed. When I joined college I made a friend. Earlier we didn’t use to talk much but 6 months ago everything changed. We started talking a lot over text, then we started talking over call (still do). I have tried to express those feelings many times but nothing happens. She says that she doesn’t have those “butterfly feelings” for me yet. She doesn’t say that she’s​ never gonna fall for me but as of now she’s not in love. She says that she doesn’t want to loose me, neither do I. But things are becoming hard for me. I can’t just be friends with her. Also she says that she is asexual but I don’t believe that anyone is (maybe I’m wrong). The only problem is that I can’t force her to fall in love with me neither can I force myself to fall out off love with her. It’s​ kinda hurting.

Damn that was a serious post.

Anyway here’s an unfunny joke….

Why should you never breakup with a goalie?

Because she’s a keeper.



  1. Earthly Awareness · May 29

    Girls love the chase. Hang in there!

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